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PIXO walls benefits

PIXO walls generate a WOW effect in your bathroom. OK fine, but these well engineered products offer many other benefits because they are :


To change scenery, compared to ceramic tiles, it is easy to replace PIXO walls without demolishing everything.

Who are we?

Gabriel Ducharme

Mechanical engineer by profession, Gabriel worked in several manufacturing sectors for the last 18 years. Recently, he has been a member of Oceania’s R&D team, a Quebec leader in the bath and shower manufacturing industry. PIXO is born to meet customers need : eliminate the downsides of ceramic tiles in a shower and offer something else than a white wall…

Closer look


Price Calculator

Enter the number of panels required, the height, the width of each and the finish of the protector.

Our price includes: PIXO walls, the purchase of your image, all aluminum moldings and home delivery in most cities in Quebec.

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Option 1 : Choose an image among PIXO Gallery below (most popular).

Option 2 – Choose an image among these collections : LANDSCAPES   MARBLE  CONCRETE   SEA   BLACK&WHITE   ABSTRACT

Option 3 – Find your own image on SHUTTERSTOCK.COM. This web site offers thousands of high resolution images. See short video below. Important : enter minimal image width and height in pixels.

Option 4 – PIXO does the work for you. Tell us what you are looking for and PIXO team will search and propose many impressive images.

Before production of your shower walls, a proof will be sent for approval. Your PIXO walls will be manufactured within 10 to 15 business days.

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It’s all very beautiful! I would like to receive a free sample to view and touch the product.

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